Poole Harbour is the first UK customer to take delivery of a crawler-mounted Sennebogen 870R bulk and scrap handling crane.

As part of the sale process, Sennebogen’s UK distributor EH Hassell invited harbour engineer Dick Appleton and workshop manager Paul Gillingham to visit Instanbul, where a similar Sennebogen machine is used to load and unload scrap and rebar.

Designed to meet the customers’ specifications, Poole Harbour’s crane has a 5m high pylon between the upper structure and crawler frame and a 25m long-reach boom for ship loading.

An extra 17t of car body counterweight adds stability and two swing gears distribute side loading on swing bearing for fast duty cycle operations. The operator’s cab is hydraulically adjustable up to 13m above ground.

Attachments include a 3 cubic metre scrap grab, a 4 cubic metre clamshell grab and a 15t SWL hook.