Sennebogen's magnetic machines

13 November 2013

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Sennebogen dealer Egyptian Company for Engineering Equipment (3E) provided two 640 M mobile cranes fitted with a magnet system to load steel coils at the Al-Ezz Dekheila Steel Company in Egypt.

The cranes were factory-equipped with a 25kW magnet system and 220V generator. Sennebogen said a total of 18 batteries were installed to maintain the magnetic holding force for up to 15 minutes.

The two 640 M mobile cranes load 2t steel coils, working for up to ten hours a day at 30 cycles per hour. Sennebogen said the cranes had enabled the steel firm to increase productivity by 20%

Al-Ezz Dekheila has already ordered more of the cranes, this time fitted with a modified magnet system that allows the crane to handle the steel bundles as well as coils.