Konecranes UK will begin delivery in November of eight overhead travelling cranes to a shipyard in Portsmouth, England.

The contract, valued at £2m ($3m), was awarded by Amec Construction which is building a new fabrication hall for Vosper Thornycroft.

Largest of the cranes are a pair of 200t LV Open winch cranes spanning 52.5m. One of these will have a 200t/10t trolley and a 100t trolley. The other will have two 100t trolleys with one 10t auxiliary.

The next pair are 60t capacity SM Spacemaker cranes with 43m spans. Each of these will have two 30t SM trolleys.

The orders also includes two 10t XLD cranes ,each with 51.5m spans ,and two 5t CXT cranes on 42m span beams.

A special design feature of the 200t cranes is their ability to accept extreme rigging angles required for ship section turning. This is made possible by a main hoist trolley design that has the main hoist rope drums placed 90° from normal to the main girders.

All the cranes will have Konecranes Premium Condition Monitoring to minimise maintenance downtime. True vertical lift, floodlights, motion limit switches, back up pendant controls, K-Bar long travel conductors and festoon cables will be standard to all cranes.

The 60t and 5t cranes will delivered with the girders in a single length (43m & 42m) and the 200t and 10t cranes will have girder splice joints due to the span (52.5m & 51.5m).

Delivery is scheduled for completion during the first quarter of 2003.