Ringfeder’s two-piece shrink discs are designed to provide shaft/hub connection solutions for a variety of high-speed applications, especially when external clamping is necessary.

The long, shallow taper is said to allow the discs to generate higher torques than traditional three-piece units.

The company says: ‘Its better-balanced design permits higher speed connections, without special balancing. Applications include wind turbine connections on speed increaser gearboxes, hollow shaft connections in mining gearboxes, and any other type of connection where a high-speed coupling is needed.’

Installation is also said to be simplified. ‘The design of the two-piece shrink disc provides the installer with a visual aid to see if the shrink disc is properly installed. When the fasteners are properly torqued, the inner ring face will be flush with the outer ring face when completely tight. A torque wrench is recommended to properly tighten the screws,’ Ringfeder explains.

The discs are available in both standard and metric sizes, from 3/4in to 20in and 19mm to 500mm with torque ranges from 136lb-ft to 860,000lb-ft. Low inertia series shrink discs and heavy-duty shrink discs for smaller shafts are available.www.ringfeder.com