Shuttlelift has released two new carrydeck cranes, the 3330F which is rated at 8.5 US tons (7.7t), and the 3340, rated at 10.5 US tons (9.5t).

The 3330F was designed to be ‘the most economical carrydeck crane in its class’ according to the manufacturer. Features of the F series include single stage outriggers and two boom configurations with boom length reaching 12.2m. A manual four-section boom is an option. The 3330F also features a manual synchromesh transmission and a General Motors three litre petrol engine as standard, although a Cummins turbocharged diesel engine is available as an option. Single part line pull capacity is 3,856kg The 3340B features a three-section full hydraulic powered boom with lengths ranging from 4.2m to 10m. A new pivoting boom head allows 0°, 30° and 80° offsets to help reduce boom head heights in restrictive areas. Jib extensions of 3.6m and 36m to 5.4m are offered as options, and these can be offset at 15° and 30°. The 3340B is powered by a standard GM three litre petrol/LP gas duel fuel engine.