SCM tower cranes have been widely used in many countries all over the world, such as South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Chile and Panama.

The huge 1500tm SCM M1500 has a maximum loading capacity of 63t at 24m. At 80m jib-end the crane can lift 15t. The counterjib slewing radius is 28m. Free height of stationary crane is 105m; on a gantry it rises 4m less.

The crane features a cabin-mounted load moment limiter, hoisting height limiter, trolley limiter and slewing limiter, anemometer and aerial

Mast sections are 5.5m by 5.5m by 5.8m, made of Q345B steel chords with diameters of 180mm and 160mm.

The hoist uses a 180kW ZZJ-800 motor with Siemens current speed regulator and Siemens S7-300 PLC series. The RVF slewing mechanism consists of four 18.4kW motors and Yasukawa frequency converters. The 25 DVF 33 trolley mechanism uses a single 18.4kW motor and Yasukawa frequency converter. The TVF travelling mechanism uses 16 3.4kW motors and Yasukawa frequency converter.