Antycip, a subsidiary of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd, is a European provider of modelling and simulation COTS tools, projection systems and related engineering systems.

The new business unit, it said, will complement its existing portfolio with a specialised offering that meets the training needs of crane and heavy equipment users.

Antycip already has a partnership with Canada’s CMLabs and its Vortex simulator range, which provide simulation-based training for the construction, port, marine and oil and gas sectors. This partnership recently saw the duo deliver team-based offshore crane training systems to the PNI Training Centre in Norway.

This included two Vortex crane simulators for training crane operators, banksmen and slingers, and combined the simulators with PNI’s training experience and Antycip’s technical support. The team-based training environment promotes a ‘safety first’ approach to performing offshore heavy lift operations, Antycip said.

Commenting on the new European venture, Marilou Poupon, business developer, crane simulation solutions, Antycip, said: “We are pleased to bring the Vortex crane simulation solutions to our customers in Europe.

“There are many benefits in using simulators. They improve safety, allowing students to train without any risk, and provide a better interaction between instructors and machines. In addition, training costs decrease drastically, wear and tear on actual and expensive equipment is reduced, and students can easily practise and become more confident when using the real equipment.

“The final result is better and faster learning. A recent analysis by the British Columbia Maritime Employer’s Association has shown that port crane operators reach the same level of proficiency in 50% less time when using simulators as part of their training programme. We believe that in the future, every training centre will need simulators,” Poupon added.