Sistermi buys first Grove GMK5250XL-1 in Brazil

14 October 2021

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250-tonne Grove all terrain bought as part of company’s fleet renewal strategy

Brazilian lifting and cargo handling company Sistermi has added a Grove GMK5250XL-1 all terrain crane to its fleet. The crane’s manufacturer Manitowoc says it is the first of this model it has sold into Brazil.

The 250-tonne capacity Grove GMK5250XL-1 was manufactured in Germany. It was delivered to Sistermi's headquarters in Serra, Espírito Santo, Brazil, in July this year. Almost immediately it was used for maintenance work at the Port of Vitória. 

The new crane is part of a fleet renewal strategy by Sistermi, as its CEO Aarão Boechat Martins, explained, “We have started a process of renewing our fleet and Manitowoc has been one of the first companies we have worked with on this project. We have spent the last few years without making major investments and now we have resumed the process to ensure that we can continue to be a reference throughout the country in the areas of cargo handling and hoisting.”

Factory visits

In recent years, Martins and his team visited Manitowoc factories in the United States and Germany. “During the visits we were able to see the constant improvements in the production lines and the development process of the cranes and, most importantly, the occasion gave us the opportunity to offer suggestions directly to Grove's technicians, improvements that made a difference,” Martins said.

Importance of after-sales

Martins also identified good after-sales as being an important factor in his decision to invest in the Grove all terrain. “Machines and equipment can be good, but if there is no competent parts replacement and service, they become a problem,” he said. “Local support is extremely important, and we have had a constructive partnership with Grove and Manitowoc in Brazil.

“Grove's reputation and the high technology of the GMK5250XL-1 model, in addition to the technical assistance we have received on other models of the brand, were definitive in our decision to purchase.”

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