The AC243 provides for management of up to 30 tower cranes to prevent collision between the cranes in interference and, as required, to provide protection of sensitive zones. The AC243 constantly measures the position, speed of the jib and trolley for each crane. The unit calculates status at a rate of three times per second and takes into consideration the braking capacity of each movement in determining the collision risk.

Pioneer in the field of anti-collision for tower cranes, SMIE developed their first systems in 1985 and has continued to innovate to increase safety and productivity on jobsites. Research of new solutions has always been a priority for SMIE and its research and development department includes six people today. SMIE has six worldwide subsidiaries and dealers worldwide.

The company is also showing its DLZ342 operator display, data logger and zoning system for a single isolated tower crane. There is also the SGC240 data logger, compatible with the AC243 anti-collision systems, for supervision of up to 20 tower cranes. This latest model is able to distinguish between saddle jib cranes and luffing cranes, thereby signficantly increasing its functionality. With the AC243 installed, site supervisors can see on their desktop PC, a display, in real time, showing precise information on the position of each crane. Other information visible includes the system overrides, movement cuts due to interference, whether the crane is powered up or down and full reporting of any internal faults in the system.