The crane has a base machine width of just 3.2m,and total transportation weight (including boom base, gantry and carbody) of 40.7t, making it easier to transport on European roads. The crawler tracks can be used in three positions, from the fully retracted 3.2m transport configuration, at 4.21m, or fully extended at 5.3m for maximum stability.

The crane has been designed to be assembled and disassembled without a support crane. A new engine layout on the side of the machine provides easy access for routine inspections and servicing. Maintenance crews can access the entire power plant just by opening the side door.

As well as launching the new crawler, the company announced a new dealership contract. Jero Rodriguez Aneas’s firm Jeraneas, will be selling the crawlers in the country. Aneas already knows the company’s crane intimately: he was formerly technical director of wind turbine specialists Gamesa and Setylsa, and helped design Kobelco’s wind turbine special.