Indian bridge construction specialist SP Singla Constructions Pvt. (SPSCPL) Is using PowerHoss 330 SPMT modules, from Tii Scheuerle, to help construct the new Mahatma Gandhi Bridge in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar.

The Mahatma Gandhi Bridge connects the metropolis of Patna on the southern bank of the Ganges River with the city of Hajipur on the northern side and is one of the most important vehicle routes in the region.

SPSCPL made the decision to buy the PowerHoss modules whilst still at Bauma, says Tii

The existing bridge is over 40-years-old and could no longer accommodate the high volume of traffic. As a result, the Indian Ministry of Transport commissioned SPSCPL to build a four-lane, prestressed concrete bridge, almost 5.6 kilometres in length, parallel to the existing structure. 

 Each self-propelled modular transporter has six-axle lines providing a load-bearing capacity of 330 tonnes. Two modular transporters are being used, side by side, to transport the prefabricated components to a specialised girder launcher.

From there a specialist bridge crane is positioning the prefabricated parts in the designated area of the bridge.

From left to right: Rohit Singla and Rajeev Kumar Singh from SPSCPL; and Tii area manager sales Jannick Mathieu

According to the Tii Group, Rohit Singla, the owner of SPSCPL, first saw the Scheuerle PowerHoss 330 at the Bauma 2022 trade show and, following negotiations, made the decision to buy the modules just a day later.

Tii India is providing support to the project from its base in Bawal, offering service and supply of spare parts as well as advising on vehicle operations during use.