During its eight-year boom, the country’s growth has made Spain the largest tower crane market in the world – with more than 3,000 in 2005, according to official figures.

City cranes like the Comansa 500 series, which offers jib lengths of 30m to 50m at 2.5m intervals and variable height, give their owners more versatility than a large self-erector

Martin Echevarria, Comansa sales manager, said that there is a decline, but that it is likely to be smooth, and probably end in 2009 – although he says it is hard to say for sure. “Everybody has been saying the same thing since 2001. Actually last year has been the best of them all. 2007 will still be a good year in Spain, but not as good as 2006.”

“What is a fact is that the prices of houses and flats have increased so much over the past eight years that it is hard for families to afford one,” he added.

Saez tower crane to be shown at SAIE

Daniel Cánovas, director general of Saez Cranes, told Cranes Today that the Spanish market has declined by 10% in the last two years. The company is planning to increase its exports, he said.