A Sennebogen 660 HD duty cycle crane with a casing machine is used for well construction, while a 613 telescopic crane is used as a service crane to transport and securely position the necessary components and materials.

The duty cycle crane is digging depths of up to 120m and pipe diameters up to 990mm.  The entire equipment is driven by the powerful diesel engine and 160 kN winches of the duty cycle crane.

Speyser managing director Christophe Sprauel explained the procedure: "Several well shafts between 45m and 65m in depth are being dug with a rope grab, using the casing machine that is directly mounted on the duty cycle crane. The diameters are up to 900mm."

The well is to supply around 300m³ of water per hour and the water will then flow down a second shaft, forming a cooling circuit.

Recently, Speyser used the 613 mobile crane to complete a separate well construction project in Strasbourg Hospital, working with a ceiling height of around 4m.  Thanks to its compact dimensions of 2.55m width and 3.14m uppercarriage height, the 613 mobile crane could be safely maneuvered even under these difficult conditions.