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28 April 2016

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Cranes Today email newsletter sponsor RaycoWylie Systems’ new i4507 system for Tower Cranes with a flat or luffing jib combines a rated capacity indicator with a display able to show views from up-to-four cameras, along with a host of other sensor inputs.

RaycoWylie Systems has designed a product that complies with all international regulations and implements the Working Area Limitation which is certain to be the new standard of tomorrow.

During design the main criteria were to smooth and simplify the installation, programming and serviceability processes. For example, calibration of the system is carried out through the main screen and without the need of other tools.

The i4507 system is based on the CANbus protocol and is designed to use existing crane sensors, both analog and CANbus, but can be delivered with Encoders and CAN sensors to improve the accuracy of radius and hook height measurements.

Using an all-in-one, high definition, colour screen, the system displays load, safe working load, slew angle, trolley radius, hook height, hook speed, wind speed and up to four camera views. RaycoWylie's i4507 is the only system on the market that includes camera input. The cameras are extremely useful for safety and productivity. The i4507 reduces the number of displays in the cab permitting the operator to keep focus on the load. The system is compatible with the main camera manufacturers on the market. In addition to this the system can interface with the crane's remote control and with its anti-collision device (collision avoidance system).

Another feature is the prohibited zone function, this allows for access of the jib or trolley and lifted load to be limited to different zones without losing sight of the critical load information. One zone determines the job site and up to ten (3D) zones can determine obstacles within the job site.

An integral part of the system is the visual and audible alarms for limits such as wind-speed and load limits. The i4500 is perfectly adapted for both the OEM and retrofit markets and includes the data logging feature useful to track parameters and crane usage.

Further development, to soon become available, is a 3G modem interface to permit real-time crane management.
The system is factory-mounted at Linden Comansa in Spain and there is a retrofit version which has already been sold on three continents, Europe, North America and South America.

RaycoWylie Systems are proud the i4507 is not just an innovation, it is a way of rethinking security on construction sites and is the new definition of a rated capacity system for tower cranes in which the operator plays a key role.

To find out more about the i4507, please visit www.raycowylie.com

An i4507 with a special blue display for Linden Comansa, installed on a crane in Malaysia.
The i4507 installed on an LR60 3T for City Lifting