Lift Turn Move (LTM) is focused on offering lifting solutions to industrial and entertainment clients and especially enjoys offering their expertise for more complicated environments such as the food industry and ATEX environments.  Its latest project was for Bickers Lifting who supplied a GIS Hoist and Trolley system to a local malt producers.  The producers have recently improved their facilities by investing £5.3m on an anaerobic digestion plant.  They were struggling to find a lifting solution to empty an intermediate bulk container full of waste product.  An IP65 GIS Hoist and trolley was supplied, and in order to ensure the hoist would be suitable for a humid environment, extra weatherproofing protection was added.  This consisted of an IP65 Hoist which protects the hoist from dust ingress and against low pressure water jets from any direction.  Weatherproof covers for both the hoist and trolley were also added.  Bickers Lifting quoted, "The client is over the moon with the hoist and trolley, so thanks again for your help."

LTM is the sole UK agent for GIS AG Switzerland and staff at LTM have worked with GIS products since 1988.  GIS is a brand with instant global recognition for chain hoist applications and this can be seen in the projects LTM and GIS supply.

LTM has a team of 16 specialist industrial and entertainment staff with over 125 years combined experience in the lifting equipment market. All internal and external engineers and sales staff have knowledge and experience in lifting equipment and have passed LEEA exams, the majority of our team have LEEA team cards.

LTM provides equipment and solutions including electric chain hoists, control and motion control systems, manual lifting and handling equipment, winches, davits, light crane systems, jacks and sluice gate jacks for both industrial and entertainment industries.

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