Spreader frame key to cylindrical sign lift

1 September 2023

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Modulift CMOD spreader frame lifts cylindrical signage at London shopping centre.

Bedford-based haulage company D&G Noble successfully lifted a cylindrical sign into place using a Modulift CMOD Spreader Frame at a shopping centre in the city of London.

D&G Noble utilised a Modulift CMOD 12 Spreader Frame with supporting rigging gear below-the-hook of a PalfingerPK 53002 SH F lorry loader. Four leg chain slings were attached to the top of the CMOD Spreader Frame and four round ones underneath.

D&G Noble utilised its existing CMOD 12 Spreader Frame at a span of 1.5m x 1.5m. The aluminium sign, measuring 3.5m x 2.5m and weighing approximately 1000kg, was successfully lifted into position outside the Brunswick Shopping Centre.

The sign was originally intended to be installed on-site in pieces. However, LC Signs who designed the cylindrical unit, expressed concern it would not go back together once it had been dismantled for transportation. It could have also become damaged during the lift. This presented a challenging scope of work for D&G Noble who were contracted to carry out the installation.

The CMOD 12 Spreader Frame was identified as the safest solution to lift the unit. Phill Holmes from D&G Noble said, “The CMOD 12 was an instant answer to the problem. It ensured we could undertake the lift safely without causing any damage. We visited LC Signs to gain an understanding of what was required. As a result, a frame was designed and made which was fitted to the sign.” The sign was successfully lifted and positioned into place outside the main entrance to Brunswick Shopping Centre, Bloomsbury, London.

Modulift says the CMOD Spreader Frame is one of Modulift’s most popular stock lines. Sarah Spivey, managing director at Modulift, said, “The use of a Modulift CMOD 12 Spreader Frame was a crucial factor in the project's success. The CMOD is designed to expand the capabilities of our modular spreader beam system and is an extremely popular choice for challenging lifts such as these. Customers that have Modulift struts can reuse these with the Corner Units to achieve four-point lifts, making it a cost-effective and versatile solution.”