Steel pedestrian bridge lift

7 September 2023

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Scholpp lifts steel pedestrian bridge in Germany using new fully-spec’d Tadano AC 4.080-1 all terrain crane.

Stuttgart, Germany-headquartered crane service provider Scholpp Kran & Transport moved and lifted a new steel pedestrian bridge into place straight from the factory where it was fabricated.

The bridge weighed five tonnes and measured 16.5 metres long, 2.3 metres wide, and three metres high. Scholpp moved it from the Mächler fabrication works to the construction site using its own truck.

At the jobsite, due to the confined space, Scholpp opted to use its new Tadano AC 4.080-1. It was configured it as a taxi crane, with a partial counterweight of 9.3 tonnes.

“That was enough for this job,” says crane operator Martin Zimmermann, “because the Flex Base outrigger system meant that the AC 4.080-1 didn’t require any more counterweight, despite the heavy load.”

This also meant that the Flex Base system spared Scholpp the expense of using an additional transport vehicle for the crane.

For the lift itself the team had to limit the slewing radius because of an obstructing container and adjacent buildings.

The bridge was lifted safely and accurately into position on Zimmermann’s first attempt. A video of the job can be seen here