The two 5-axle Telestep Ballast trailers, type OVB-75-05 (Z), have load capacities of just over 61t. Also included with the order was one 7-axle MCO-PX semi low-loader.

Nooteboom sells vehicles for abnormal road transport with payloads ranging from 20-1000t, and has highlighted its Telestep Ballast trailer’s low floor height as an important feature that facilitates carrying material and containers with crane ballasts simultaneously.

The trailer is designed to be lightweight, with a dead weight of 14t, which aids the trailer’s manoeuvrability, manoeuvrability boosted further still through the trailer being equipped with turntable steering.

Steil Kranarbeiten has been continually expanding, and has added 15 Nooteboom ballast trailers, OSDS semi low-loaders and Multitrailers to its fleet over the last few years.