Demag Gottwald reports that it has taken orders for 25 mobile harbour cranes in the first three months of 2002. These orders follow sales of 50 units last year.

The 2002 reference list includes nine cranes from the EG series, Gottwald’s four-rope bulk handling product line. From the standard two-rope crane portfolio, 16 cranes were ordered. These will be used in multi-purpose terminals for handling containers, bulk and general cargo.

European customers account for 16 of the total orders. Spanish customers ordered four HMK 330 EGs, Gottwald’s four-rope grab crane best-seller.

From the UK, Gottwald received orders for five cranes ranging from the 20t HMK 60 HG to the 100t HMK 260 EG. Additional orders came from Belgium, France, Greece, Italy and Norway.

Nine cranes were ordered from outside Europe. The company also secured its first order from the Dutch Antilles for one 100t HMK 260 E to be supplied to Sint Maarten, based in Philipsburg. The most popular crane in 2002 to date has been the HMK 260 E followed by the HMK 300 E, which was Gottwald’s best-selling mobile harbour crane in 2001.