Integra Port Services (IPS) already has two models of the Generation 4 crane in operation at the Port of Paramaribo, including the first HMK 260 E to be delivered into Suriname. The second is a factory-refurbished model.

HMK 260 E working in Suriname

The first HMK 260 E was not ordered until the start of 2009, so growth to three in just over a year is a positive sign for the capabilities of Gottwald’s mobile harbour cranes, said Andreas Moeller, Gottwald’s senior sales manager.

The new HMK 260 E will be equipped with six axles, as well as having its propping system adapted to the quay specifications. Gottwald said the HMK 260 E is usually equipped with a five-axle chassis but can be fitted with a sixth axle if the quay has a restricted load-bearing capacity or if the conditions require.

“The first two HMK 260 E cranes have been a crucial component for the development of our port,“ said Remy Vyzelman, president of IPS. “With combined rates of more than 50 berth moves per hour, the two cranes have created a very good basis to increase productivity and make the port a more efficient shipping hub.”