The chain was developed with DSM Dyneema and is produced using the Dyneema synthetic fibre. It has already been used in various sectors including shipping, mining, oil and gas, and commercial fishing.

Dyneema is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre, and is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-to-weight basis, and 40% stronger than aramid materials, says DSM.

The Tycan chain weighs up to eight times less than conventional metal equivalents, and reduces noise levels by more than 50 times. It provides productivity gains and cost savings throughout the transport process.

Alex Rock, manager of marketing and sales at Load Solutions, said: "For multi-unit logistics companies, every bit of cargo means euros. We have developed a weight-saving calculator, available on our website, that allows customers to calculate exactly how much weight they can save by using Tycan chain.

"There is a major cost benefit for painted surface and sensitive cargo. Using Tycan chain to lash this type of cargo eliminates the dents and scratches often caused by lashing with steel chains, and can very significantly lower the cost burden of damage claims borne by shipping companies."