It took crane operator Dirk Albat less than an hour to set up the crane on site, including ballasting with 71t of counterweight.

The crane first lifted and positioned a number of concrete slabs that served as the foundations for the six stainless steel silos being relocated after having first been emptied. The silos measured 11.15m in height and 4m in diameter, and weighed 8t each. To lift them, the crane operator worked with a maximum radius and a maximum lifting height of 46m, and with a main boom length of 55m as dictated by the job. 

Then the ATF 220G-5 had to lift a tank wagon weighing more than 10t and dating back to 1913, a time when it was already being used to transport the company’s products. This one of a kind is to be restored by a specialist company and then placed at the new plant entrance. The 220 was therefore relocated and equipped with a 47t counterweight. The maximum radius for the 30-minute lift was 30.5m, the maximum lifting height was 40m and the maximum main boom length was 46m.