Tadano launches 70 tonne all terrain

19 October 2022

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The new AC 4.070-2 all terrain crane has been designed to provide the best performance on the market in as many axle load configurations as possible.

Japanese crane manufacturer Tadano is launching a four-axle 70 tonne all terrain. The crane will debut at the forthcoming Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany. According to Tadano, the crane has been designed to provide the best performance on the market in as many axle load configu-rations as possible.

For increased efficiency, the AC 4.070-2 can transport its maximum counterweight of 11.9 tonnes by itself while staying within an axle load limit of 12 tonnes. If the axle load needs to be reduced to ten tonnes the crane can carry up to 4.4 tonnes of counterweight.

With regards to lifting capacities, with a main boom length of 50 metres the crane can lift 7.1 tonnes at a radius of 12 metres. At ten metres it can lift a total of 7.3 tonnes.

For greater versatility, Tadano offers two extensions for the crane’s 50-metre main boom: a swing-away jib with a length of 6.5 metres and a double folding swing-away jib with a length of 16 metres, making it possible to reach a system length of up to 66 metres. A runner can also be specified.

The crane has a compact design – ‘the most compact four-axle unit of its class on the market’ claims Tadano. It has a total length of 11.7 metres, a width of 2.55 metres, and a travelling height of 3.8 metres.

Tadano foresees particular demand for the crane for assist crane duties when erecting large lattice boom crawler cranes, plus for residential and functional building construction projects.

The crane comes with Tadano’s IC 1 Plus control system. Tadano’s Flex Base outrigger system and IC-1 Remote telematics solution for location-independent crane and fleet management are also available.

It also comes with Tadano’s Surround View System, which provides a separate monitor in the carrier cab for 360° visibility. It also graphically shows the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tail-swing radius from a bird’s eye view perspective. The system is designed to make it easier to optimally position the crane at work sites without the need for additional personnel. The system also provides assistance on the way to the work site by making it easier for crane operators to notice pedestrians and cyclists. For example, the area to the right of the crane, which traditionally does not have the greatest visibility, is highlighted on the monitor when the turn signal is activated.

The AC 4.070-2 can also be equipped with Tadano’s with a special transportation cradle and the required hydraulic connections to so that it can carry out all crane functions using Tadano’s E-Pack, without any negative impact on the corresponding maximum lifting capacity. Other performance characteristics are comparable to those achieved with operation with a diesel engine in many work areas, Tadano adds, expanding the range of applications of the AC 4.070-2 to indoor projects and cleanrooms, for example.

The crane’s single-engine design also allows for climate-friendly crane operation thanks to its compatibility with various alternative diesel fuels, such as HVO.

The crane also shares many components with other models, as part of Tadano’s shared component strategy, designed to provide standardised controls and easier maintenance options.

“No other crane in its class can reach these lifting capacities,” concluded project manager Sascha Scholler, who was responsible for the crane’s development. “We wanted to bring to life a powerful and cutting-edge 70-tonne crane that would deliver the best performance on the market in as many axle load configurations as possible. And that’s exactly what we did.”