Unusually, the bodies of these jacks are made of aluminium, to give machines that are exceptionally light in weight as well as compact. The jacks can be used for industrial lifting applications where versatile fit and the ability to sustain the load over long periods are needed. The claw models are designed for lifting loads with low ground clearance.

The PS630C toe jack, the most popular of the range, measures just 140mm wide by 281mm high and delivers a lift of 30t on the head and 12t on the toe. Its weight is 15.4kg.  The stroke is 152mm, with lift per stroke of 0.07mm.  Maximum effort on the lever is 54kg. The operating lever can be fitted in any one of three positions to obtain the most suitable working height.

Tangye hydraulic jacks have been in use for over 170 years in applications ranging from ship building and moving industrial machinery to supporting bridges. The company claims they have been used for lifting the nose end of F16 fighter planes.

Claw lift, screwed ram or plain ram options are available. For situations where loads need to be held for a sustained period of time, the Hydralite jack’s screwed ram with retaining nut secures the load during lifting operations. Lift heights of 152mm (6”) and 305mm (12”) are available.