With the same counterweight, it can pick and carry 5t. The crane also has lifting charts for outriggers not extended (maximum capacity 15.3t) and partially-extended (maximum capacity 27.6t), and a set of charts for the same configurations but with no counterweight.

The machine weighs 27.2t with counterweight, and measures 10m long, 3.2m high and 2.5m wide in transport position. At full outrigger extension the crane is 6.7m wide.

Maximum speed is 40km/hr (25mph) with either 16.00R25 or 20.5R25 tyres. On public roads in Italy the crane is limited to 25km/hr (15.5mph). It is powered by a N45 ENT Tier 3 diesel that generates 104kW at 2,200 rpm.

The company makes truck-mounted cranes and telescopic crawlers.

There are five other rough-terrain crane manufacturers in Italy: Terex Bendini in Bologna, Locatelli in Mapelli, Lombardy; EuroRigo in Domegliara, near Verona; Mister Gru in Parma, near Bologna, and, since 2005, Grove’s manufacturing plant in Niella Tanaro, near Turin. TCM is the first in southern Italy, in Termoli, in the southern region of Molise.