Brunnhuber is a manufacturer of gantry cranes; container handling cranes; travelling cranes; container cranes; and special cranes for production and assembly facilities, including magnetic cranes, foundry cranes, bracket cranes and automatic cranes. It operated production facilities in Augsburg and Berlin, as well as service companies in both locations. The new-look Brunnhuber Krane will maintain its production sites in Augsburg and Berlin, as well as most of its staff, in order to ensure the ‘continuity of planning, construction and manufacturing on the high Brunnhuber quality level’, Teichmann Krane said.

Teichmann Krane’s technical director and sales manager Josef Patzelt has been appointed managing director of Brunnhuber Krane.

Brunnhuber 1

Ralf Teichmann (left) and Josef Patzelt

Teichmann Krane, itself a manufacturer and modifier of travelling cranes, portal cranes, container cranes, harbour cranes and slewing cranes, as well as tower cranes, mobile cranes and special cranes, said Brunnhuber has become ‘the market leader for power plant cranes’, with major projects under its belt including installing cranes at the world’s largest nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto, Finland.

“With the new Brunnhuber Krane we have conserved the know-how of Brunnhuber in construction, manufacturing and services on a sustained basis and we will successfully evolve this company in the spirit of an owner-managed family enterprise,” said managing partner Ralf Teichmann.

“We will especially generate synergetic effects in the field of services and maintenance works due to the locations of the new service group. In Germany, our offices in Augsburg and Berlin on the north-south axis and our offices in Essen and Erfurt on the west-east axis will be able to provide excellent response times to our customers.”

Teichmann said that Brunnhuber will immediately be involved with his company’s international activities, and that Teichmann Krane is now looking for partners in countries around the world.

Teichmann Krane deals largely in second hand crane components, and said the introduction of Brunnhuber to its operations will offer other competitive advantages from, “the possibilities to draw the attention of our customers for new cranes to alternative solutions in the field of second hand cranes or to guarantee them the trade-in and recovery of their second hand equipment,” said Ralf Teichmann.