Giga Logistic AB used the new Faymonville TeleMax with pendle axles. This axle system offers more stroke (600 mm) and a steering angle of up to 60°. For this job, Giga just needed three out of the four extensions. In the near future, Faymonville says, wind blades will be longer for new projects in Sweden and with the quadruple extendable TeleMax, able to carry blades up to 80m long, customers can manage all future challenges.

The new TeleMax makes it possible to increase the rear ground clearance, so that it can swivel over substantial obstacles. Pendle, axles – along with the greater steering angle, give the vehicle a left-right balance.

The rear slide-out extendable platforms can be used as a resting point for the rotor blades. This effectively counteracts the bending with an extremely long load. The manoeuvrability is noticeably enhanced, Faymonville says, not least by increasing the distance from the kingpin to the middle of the axle unit.