Terex-RO Stinger boom trucks are now being fitted with load moment indicators (LMI) supplied by Greer Company as standard.

The Greer 500R LMI system comes with a new display, which it calls the 586, giving the operator information to verify that he/she is operating safely. Load, radius, boom length, and capacity at current position are all available to the operator.

Percent of maximum permitted load moment is displayed in a three colour bar graph. Boom/jib configurations, and parts of line are described ‘in plain English’, Greer says, on the two-line LCD information screen.

This LMI will now be fitted on every Terex boom truck, from the model 7077 (rated at 35 US ton) down to the 2057 (10 US ton) at no extra cost to the customer, it is claimed.

The Greer LMI system and/or 586 display are also available for retrofit onto most Stinger cranes made since 1989.