Covering 350km between the jobs, the crane was first used at a paper mill at Pietarsaari, to change a series of 62t process washers.

The CC2800 was then transported on 15 trailers, with the crane superstructure and crawlers on three heavy haulers, 250km to Oulu to change electric plant filters at the Toppila Power Station.

Finally the crane, purchased in 2001, travelled 100km by land and onto an island by barge to switch out turbine gears at a windmill project.

Matti Simola, logistics manager for Havator, said: "The CC 2800 crane is fast to assemble and disassemble, quite easy to transport and flexible enough to be used on many different projects. We use it for industrial and windmill projects, but the lumber industry is where we use it most. This is just one of 60 Terex cranes we have in our fleet."