Three CTL Terex luffing jib cranes are working on the steel and concrete, 166m-high San Paolo-IMI bank.

Contractors ordered two CTL 630s, with a maximum capacity of 32USt. One will have a final height of 184m and the other 168m.

A third, 24t CTL 430 will also be employed on the site. It will reach a final maximum height of 177m.

All of the luffers will reach full height after 12 climbing operations, configured with 4 collar supports.

Terex said that the building’s design is complex, with overhanging floors and a cantilevered auditorium.

Contractors also had to deal with site limitations. As Matteo Bradassi, site manager at Rezzani de Eccher explains, "The lack of space to make a full rotation, but principally the magnitude of the loads to lift convinced us to choose a Terex luffing jib tower crane.

“The luffing jib not only enabled us to solve the problem of space, but also to maximize capacity, which can get up to 30 tons for some segments of the metal structure."

Architectural features of the bank include floor slabs of reinforced concrete, three reinforced concrete nuclei overground, and a load-bearing structure on the seventh floor supported by six steel and reinforced concrete columns on the strip foundation.

Contractors expect the project to be completed in 1.5 years.