No one will have more cranes on show at Intermat than Terex-Demag. It plans to have one crawler crane, eight (or maybe even nine) all-terrains, one rough terrain and two tower cranes.

The crawler is the brand new Demag CC 1500, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 275t (300 US ton), a maximum boom length of 102m and a maximum tip height of 132m. It will be shown in the colours of the German rental company Bracht.

Also new is the five-axle AC 200-1 all terrain. The second unit to be produced will be on show, in the colours of an Italian customer, Cisco. It is rated at 200t with maximum counterweight of 70t. The seven-section boom extends to 68m using the Unimec telescoping and pinning system, and maximum tip height is 101m. Demag claims that its 14.7m overall length makes it the most compact 200 tonner on the market.

Carrier engine is a DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA, 380kW and drive/steering is10 x 8 x 8.   Other features include speed-dependent rear axle steering for enhanced manoeuvrability and mobility and Demag’s IC-1 crane control system with colour touchscreen display.

Newer still is the AC 160-1. The first prototype unit of this 160t class model will be displayed at Intermat in Terex-Demag colours. It has a 64m main boom and a maximum tip height of 97m.

Other cranes from the Demag all terrain range on show will be the AC 700. At 700t capacity, this will be the biggest mobile crane at the show, outgunning Grove’s 450 tonner. The AC 700 is a recent upgrade of the AC 650. The Sideways Superlift system has been worked on to give stronger capacities on the luffing fly jib.  Maximum main boom length remains 60m and tip height 149.5m.

Unchanged are the six-axle AC 350 and the three city class models: the familiar AC 60, AC 40-1 and the AC 30.

Terex’s French operation, PPM, will show its popular 35t two-axle AT, now called the AC 35 to match the Demag naming system. And at time of going to press the factory was working hard to finish the prototype of a new 50t three-axle all terrain, to be called the AC 55. When Terex first took over Demag, Terex Cranes president Fil Filipov said that PPM would produce only two axle cranes. However, it appears that he has relented and allowed the PPM team to see the development work that they had in progress be allowed to continue.

Also on show at Intermat in May will be a Bendini A 400 rough terrain from PPM’s Italian factory.

Terex Comedil will have two tower cranes at the show. From the self-erecting range will be the CBR 32H, which has a maximum capacity of 4t and can lift 500kg at maximum jib length of 36m. Maximum hook height is 26m.

From Comedil’s flat top range, an increasingly common sight in the UK these days, the CTT 121 will be displayed. It can lift a maximum of 40t, and even out at the end of an 85m jib it can lift 4t. Maximum hook height is 105.5m.