Visionaire’s model 7110 air conditioning unit uses a hydraulically powered internal compressor that provides greater cooling and blowing capacity than the Grand Prairie, Texas firm’s previous model.

Requiring only a minimal flow of hydraulic fluid, between 6gpm and 10gpm, the model 7110 exhibits improved coolant heat capabilities compared to its predecessor, and according to Visionaire vice president Bill Kerr, helps to create a more comfortable working environment.

“The 7110 raises the bar for operator comfort, which should increase productivity and alertness,” said Kerr.

Visionaire claims that when used with suitably secured plumbing in the crane cab, the vibration damping pads and fail-safe mounts included in the model 7110 can significantly reduce in-cab noise and vibration.

The external shell of the unit is made from powder-coated steel, and is constructed to withstand harsh off-road environments.

Although compact, the unit has been designed to be easy to maintain and also features the option to include a control console.

Visionaire president Frank Pechacek explained: “Operator comfort is our main goal, however you will find that servicing the 7110 is simplified because all the components are easily accessible.”

He added: “The 7110 is not only for crane cabs, but for any type of machine cab where hydraulics are available, and mounting a compressor on the engine is not feasible.”