Applications for the SPMT include short distance transport, port load-in and load-out, ship building, offshore engineering, nuclear power, high-speed railway, road and bridge, and wind power sectors.

At the launch, Guangdong Lift Engineering Machinery, which THI says is the biggest heavy transport and lift engineering company in South China, signed an agreement for procurement for 120 axle lines of the TJ-S2.43 SPMT.

The first 20 axle lines of TJ-S2.43 SPMT have been operating in Wuchang Shipyard, with the THI intelligent micro movement function achieving a high working efficiency during a ship hull joint operation.

An additional 52 axle lines of SPMT are being delivered to Zhuhai, South China for the large scale Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge construction project.

China Ocean Oil Cooperation, Wuchang Shipbuilding Cooperation, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Cooperation, Wison Heavy Industries, CIMC-Raffles, Sinotrans, and Cosco attended the demonstration.

THI’s patented entire intelligent micro movement transport, visual programming control system, and intelligent fault alarm positioning system improve efficiency and prevent misoperation, so that the products to have maximum convenience, safety and protection during the transport process.

With ten years of heavy transport equipment manufacturing experience, THI have both domestic and overseas customers.

Liu Xuan, CEO of THI, said, "The successful launch and operation of TJ-S2.43 SPMT is symbolic of the fact that THI is one of the leading heavy transport equipment manufacturers in the world."

"THI think about what customers think and expect and will keep developing and launching good quality, compatible but evolving heavy transport equipment solutions with a full set of global after sales services for customers with heavy transport project needs."