Having been appointed to the role of vice president of finance in March this year, Haywood was initially supposed to assist TNT president and CEO Michael Appling in the management of the firm’s finances.

However, Appling says her sterling performance during the recapitalisation process helped the company position itself well for future growth and earned her the top finance role.

Commenting on Haywood’s performance, Appling said, “She was a big part of making our Odyssey Investment Partners deal a very successful transaction. We now have a new private equity sponsor ready to grow and an extremely strong capital base, and she was a big part of the consummation of these transactions.”

Also, Alex Murray’s appointment as TNT’s new branch manager for the Houston depot means he is now responsible for much of the office’s day-to-day operations.

In his new role, Murray will also coordinate transportation for a large proportion of TNT’s larger cranes across the firm’s entire branch network. He will also play a part in the bidding process for new jobs.

Appling said: “Overseeing the various operational aspects of our increasingly sizeable company is a large and complex undertaking. Alex running the Houston branch has really helped in Randy directing the operations of our entire company.”

“I want to personally thank Deana, Alex and Randy for all they do for our company. They are all great team members and valuable assets to TNT,” added Appling.