The first “topless” tower crane to operate on Chicago’s lakefront was erected recently. The crane is contracted to Adjustable Forms Corporation for Kenny Construction’s Museum Park Tower 1 project in Chicago

“Twenty years in the construction industry and this is the only tower crane I’ve seen erected in one day,” said Curt Slipke, vice president of Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., the company responsible for erecting the crane, a Linden-Comansa LC-400 “topless” tower. Stevenson said that it typically took two or three days to erect a tower crane.

The crane was erected to a hook height of 188ft with 200ft of jib. This fall, the crane will be jumped to a final hook height of 278ft, with a capacity of almost 14,000lb at a 197ft radius.

Stevenson is the dealer for Linden-Comansa America.