The system is available as a desktop simulator, or a simulator with a single display or 3-5 displays and optional 3DoF motion.
Features include a learning programme that progressively teaches operational skills, and performance metrics and reporting to demonstrate how to operate the crane safely and efficiently.

The system is designed to prepare trainees for further learning of various skills on a real tower crane, including handling typical load types in high-rise construction; the effects of wind and weather; controlling hook and load pendulum with long cable falls; how mast and boom deflection affects lift operations; the use of hand signals and working as part of a team; and understanding load charts and using the load-moment indicator (LMI).

Exercises can be recorded and replayed for further performance analysis, and various metrics can be measured such as the time taken to complete tasks; pendulums and load or hook collisions; rough load handling; CCO test violations; and instructor comments.
CM Labs already offers simulator training modules for rough terrain cranes, crawlers, overhead cranes, boom truck cranes and carry deck cranes.