Linden Comansa will show three of its most successful models. With demand for luffing-jib tower cranes rising in many parts of the world, one of Linden Comansa’s goals will be to promote its extensive range of luffers, which consists of 12 different models, with maximum load capacities between 8 and 30t.

For this purpose, the brand will expose a LCL280 luffing-jib crane with maximum load of 18t, a model which also has versions of 12 and 24t. The LCL280 is one of Linden Comansa’s the most popular luffing-jib models, especially in the United Kingdom, the area of the Persian Gulf, and Southeast Asia. In addition, the LCL series of luffing-jib cranes to which belongs the exhibited model has been recently reviewed by the design team of Linden Comansa and comes with many improvements.

The flat-top crane 21LC750 is probably the model of greater success in the recent history of Linden Comansa, and will be also showcased at Bauma 2016. This crane of large capacity (24, 36, or 48t of maximum load) is suitable for work in industrial, infrastructure and mining projects. Launched in 2009, this crane has been recently revised and optimized, and returns to Bauma after being exposed in the 2010 edition. All its features (ease of erection, high speed hoist engines, reliability, etc) make this crane a favourite among customers of Linden Comansa from around the world. In fact, the 21LC750 has been sold in all continents and regions: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

Linden Comansa will also show the flat-top model 11LC160, with maximum load of 8t. The crane is part to the LC1100 series, which has been reviewed by Linden Comansa’s R&D Department and includes numerous improvements, such as the frequency control on the slewing movement or the space optimization on the slewing part. This crane is designed to offer better performance in the construction of small-sized industrial and commercial projects, and is especially successful in Central Europe countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Fast erecting, simple transport Linden-Comansa’s top selling tower cranes will be complemented by German dealer BKL Baukran Logistik’s new generation of quickassembly cranes from its BKL

System Cattaneo range. The tried and tested CM 280 and CM 82S4 crane types have been refined and are now setting new standards in the bottom-slewing crane sector with increased lifting capacity and higher handling performance.

The CM 82S4 is at the top of the 33m category, with a 4t maximum lifting capacity. Variants of the stationary 33m quick-assembly crane now lift up to 4 tonnes and score points with a particularly high handling performance thanks to the pure twofall operation. The CM 82S4 offers a maximum hook height of 21m and 1t peak load. The machine has a space requirement of just 5.1 by 5.1m and, like all Cattaneo models, is equipped with a frequency-controlled 4-stage lifting mechanism.

The CM 280 lifts 2.5t to 12.1m, along with a peak load of 900t at 28m, in pure 2-fall operation. The smallest stationary crane will be on display at the BKL Baukran Logistik company premises at the A94 on Romerstraße 22 in Forstinning, only around 16km from the trade fair in Munich. Interested parties can view and try out the crane there by appointment. A new steerable high speed axle offers even more mobility for BKL System Cattaneo’s seven crane types. The highspeed axle is now also available in steerable variants.

It will be presented at Bauma with the CM 271 mobile 27m crane, but is also available for the stationary cranes in BKL System Cattaneo as a semi-trailer version. The 80kph axle is self-steering during road use and, during shunting operations, can be electrohydraulically steered via remote control. In combination with the slewing ring steering, the under carriage achieves supreme manoeuvrability through crab steering.