The Commercial MG-HG trailer offers high corrosion resistance. Moisture trapping areas have been designed out of the structure of the trailer, minimizing the build-up of road debris and moisture accumulation that leads to corrosion. 

The entire trailer is primed and painted before air, hydraulic, and electrical lines and decking are installed for complete protection from the elements. Optional lightweight, aluminum features, including aluminum I-beam or box beam cross members, outer rails, decking, and front and rear channels, provide even more corrosion resistance.

 Rick Farris, vice president of sales & marketing for Trail King Industries, said: "The Commercial MG-HG represents the next step in the evolution of our mechanical gooseneck trailer. The most notable demonstration of this is its ability to accommodate a variety of gooseneck styles. The Commercial MG-HG offers the most standard equipment of any trailer of its kind on the market, plus a variety of options, for the ultimate in hauling versatility."

Goosenecks can be ordered in either full-width or narrow-width, and mechanical or hydraulic to accommodate different customer demands and provide maximum flexibility.