Following the success of the Australian designed and built SKAT 2.6t mini-crane, the manufacturer is about to introduce a 4.9t, four wheel drive and steer all-terrain crane from its Queensland factory, writes Tod Kennedy.

The SKAT 2.6 mini-crane has claimed a niche market handling small pick and carry jobs around workshops, industrial complexes, building sites and more recently the mining industry. It competes with forklift trucks and tractor-mounted cranes and boasts low operating costs in this field. Also it is light enough to work on suspended concrete slabs and compact enough to work in confined areas.

Two units were recently delivered to Anaconda’s Murrin Murrin mine in Western Australia where they perform routine plant maintenance work around the nickel concentrate plant. Three other units, currently in the hire fleet of Mini Cranes Queensland, are reported to be winning jobs normally carried out by larger more costly machines across industry generally.

The SKAT 2.6 has a 50hp engine, a two stage jib with maximum reach of 5.75m, and fly jibs are available to give a maximum reach of 7.75m.

Unlike the multi-purpose early design, the new 4.9t crane is a low profile unit designed specifically for construction work. It has a three stage hydraulic boom and fly with 14m of vertical reach, and has the ability to pick and carry loads of 2t at 5m, according to the supplier.

To allow ease of movement around sites with restricted space the SKAT 4.9 has a turning radius of 3.5m. This is enhanced by front-wheel steer, rear and all-wheel steer, along with crab steer.

The crane has hydrostatic drive and is can be refistered in Australia for travel on highways.

Both cranes are being made in Queensland by SKAT Industries Pty Ltd, and marketed or hired by distributor ACM Services Pty Ltd.