UCATT has joined the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) in calling for stricter regulation of tower cranes than is proposed in the HSE’s plans. But, while CIOB wants more direct measures such as site visits and active monitoring of tower cranes in use, UCATT wants a fully comprehensive register of all cranes in all locations.

As the proposal stands, it said there is “no justification” for self-erecting tower cranes, which operate in a similar way to conventional tower cranes, not to be registered. However, it said there have been accidents in recent years involving other crane types, notably dockside cranes, and that in order to increase public confidence in the safety of cranes, all cranes should be registered.

“The decision to establish a crane register is good news but in order for it to be truly effective it must be truly comprehensive,” said Alan Ritchie, general secretary of UCATT. “There must be no half measures or there is a real danger that the safety benefits that the establishment of a register should provide could be weakened.”