Chris Noble with the Cattaneo self-erector

Purchased from Italian-based manufacturers, Cattaneo, the CM 90S4 crane can be assembled within a few hours and operate within narrow spaces, providing a more practical alternative to the manoeuvring problems associated with telehandlers. 

“Operational space is often at a premium on today’s construction sites, with less land available in which to handle materials,” said Chris Noble, Managing Director of Noble Homes. “Planners also stipulate that adjoining streets are not used for construction traffic, so in these conditions the space saving and manoeuvrability qualities of the Cattaneo CM 90S4 are invaluable. It can be positioned in the middle of the site and deliver materials to a precise location, avoiding the awkward handling and traffic problems posed by telehandlers.”

 Noble Homes have followed this investment with the acquisition of the Terex Girolift 5022, another Italian-manufactured piece of equipment which, at over 22m reach, is almost double the reach of a typical telehandler used in the UK. The Terex Girolift 5022 also provides functional adaptability with a range of attachments, including a lifting winch allows it to operate as a mobile crane. The outstanding feature of the Terex Girolift 5022 is a design which allows the Cab and Lifting Boom to spin on the chassis of the machine to deposit goods in a precise location.

“Self-erecting tower cranes are widely used in mainland Europe, but few developers in the UK have chosen to commit beyond renting them sporadically for short-term use. We have invested in the CM 90S4 as an integral part of our long-term development activities. The same applies to our new Terex Girolift 5022.”