The shareholders of Zaporizhkran, a manufacturer of heavy cranes based in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, changed the composition of the plant’s supervisory board at a meeting on August 15 – axing Anatolii Belka, a representative of the Kharkiv-based Kontrakt law firm, from his post as chairman.

The shareholders also removed from the board Andrii Filipenkov, a representative of the Zaporizhia-based Metalurh insurance company, and minority shareholder Serhii Andriichuk.

The shareholders appointed Antti Vanhatalo, a representative of the Zaporizhia Crane Holding company, to the board. They also appointed Raimo Hoppa, also of Zaporizhia, and minority shareholder Volodymyr Koliada.

Zaporizhkran reported a loss of 9.2million Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH) for the year 2004, when its net revenues amounted to 51m UAH.

According to information from Zaporizhkran, Zaporizhia Crane Holding owns 24.9% of the shares in Zaporizhkran while the Kontrakt law firm owns 9.9%.