The 7250-2 will be available for delivery by the end of this year. In the first quarter of 2006 the CKE2500-2 will be available for delivery in Europe and at the same time the CK2500-2 will be available for delivery to America.

Claimed structural changes designed to result in a machine with an increased load moment of 1,177tm (up 15%) include a stronger superstructure and swing bearing; new counterweight system (increased from 100t to 110t); reduced-transport-width (now 3.4m wide, from 3.5m) without the need for a swing-away-cab; longer crawler frames with a increased square foot print; lower transport weight of crawler frames (reduced from 23.5t to 20.7t); and the introduction of a tapered section, so that luffing jib can also be used for long boom configuration.

The maximum ‘long’ main boom length is 91.4m. The maximum standard crane boom plus fixed jib combination is 76+30m, and the maximum luffing jib variant is 61+61m, with a supplementary mid-support strut.

The power unit has also been upgraded by 5%, with a new 247kW diesel engine with common-rail and electric controlled fuel injection, and inter-cooled turbocharger, which is designed to comply with the worldwide Stage 3 emission standards in effect in 2006.

Refinements in the hydraulic system include independent winch-pump drives, and ‘super-fine’ filtration with 1,000-hour service interval. This is said to reduce the need for service by four times compared with conventional systems.