The construction industry in Australia lost one of its top journalists with the death of Tod Kennedy on 2 January. He was 64.

Tod was a contributor to Cranes Today and numerous other magazines, having previously been editor of Construction Australia.

He entered the industry ‘on the tools’ at Wabco, where he was known by his birth name of Howard. Industry icon Alan Prince gave Tod his first break in writing and Tod often spoke fondly of those times. The name change to Tod came about as he thought he needed a name with more impact and authority for his move to writing.

However, his hard work and ability to mix easily with those in the industry showed subsequently that a name change was unnecessary to achieve impact and authority.

Though a general construction journalist, he held a special affection for the crane industry.

Tod will be remembered for his gentle good humour (even when tested in the face of adversity), warmth, enthusiasm and generosity of spirit. He was a committed Christian, and while not seeking to foist his beliefs on others, he served as a fine example of Christian ideals in the way he lived his life.

He fought three battles with cancer, the last of which he lost. He impressed many by pulling through his first two battles on the strength of his faith when the medical profession could do no more for him.

He was with his wife Vooma in Malaysia when he died. He was among friends, as Vooma’s family is from Malaysia and in recent years Tod had come to regard that country as his second home.