On May 13th 2013, the business also took part in the dismantling of the five cranes on the project, three Terex Comedil CTT331s and two CTT561s.

Van Doorn’s founder and director Dayne Davis described their work on the dam: "The cranes performed many lifts during the course of the project including having to use the previously erected tower crane in order to erect the next tower crane. It took precise project management to ensure all units were positioned adequately to satisfy all lifts, not only for the project, but also for the erection/dismantle sequence. One climbing frame was used to erect all five cranes.

"The most difficult lifts associated with the project were the three 9t hydro turbines , which had to be installed with complete accuracy to insure watertightness."

"The project presented many unique problems, which we had to overcome due to its location deep inside the La Vegona rainforest, located roughly two hours inland from San Pedro Sula,"

The plant will provide power to roughly two million homes in the country, and aims to meet Honduras’s growing power needs.