SKF claims that Dutch firm Van Seumeren has eliminated the problem of fretting corrosion on one of its Twin Ring cranes by replacing roller bearings with a single SKF Carb toroidal roller bearing.

The crawler crane turns 360o on its bogie wheels which run on a track. Each wheel was originally fitted with two conventional roller bearings mounted as non-locating bearings. When the crane turned, the outer rings of each bearing were subjected to continuous, though small, axial movements in their respective housings which over the years caused fretting corrosion.

A further problem with the original design was that the bearings became locked in their housings which induced higher thrust loadings and led to premature bearing failure.

SKF says that its Carb bearing, which has a low but broad roller profile, is “the first of its type able to accommodate both angular misalignment and axial displacement in a single bearing even when subjected to high radial loads which makes it ideal for applications of this type”.