UK tower crane specialist Vanson Cranes has launched a city crane called the MR108+3. The flat top tower crane, which Vanson claims is ideal for use on multi-tower construction sites, features the Ramondi Eye-Vis cabin.

With a maximum lift of 8t at 15.8m and 2.2t with a 50m jib, the crane can be erected on a ballasted 4.5 sq m base. The standard freestanding hook height is 46.5m.

It can also be used with an expendable element to enable the tower to be located, for example, within a lift shaft on the 1.5sq m mast.

Vanson said the Eye-Vis cabin was designed to provide the operator with a better overall view of his surroundings “as he can see under his feet and over his head”.

The company added that this was particularly useful when operating on multi-crane sites when other cranes may be working above and below the cab.

The MR108+3 uses a soft-start system on all of the crane’s movements, including hoist, trolley and slew. The system is designed to avoid abrupt speed changes by effectively managing the steps between motor speeds. According to Vanson, this allows the loads to be positioned more precisely and creates a smooth hook operation, reducing the strain on the crane’s structure during lifting operations.

Vanson has previously sold the Eye-Vis cab with its MR123 crane.