“You don’t want to know how many people have sent invoices with one O, no H,” said managing director Maarten Verschoor.

In April, the company is also launching a new parts supply operation in a new 7,500 sq m site near Amsterdam.  Customers can browse through the stock with remote-controlled webcams.  “We got booms, we got jibs, we got carriers,” Verschoor said.

The warehouse will also be used for short-term storage of heavy cargo leaving Dutch ports.

In this climate of heavy demand, Verschoor is buying damaged cranes and either refurbishing them for sale, or stripping them for parts.  He says the company has dismantled 60 European mobile cranes.

Meanwhile the company’s crane hire business – Verschoor Crane Hire –  has 40 cranes, the most recent being a Grove GMK 5130 and four GMK 4100s (three of them 4100Ls).  It is receiving a Demag AC 35L in June, and three seven-axle Spierings SK2400-AT7s later in 2007.