Switzerland headquartered tower crane manufacturer Wolffkran has purchased ten Vita Load Navigator (VLN) units from US load orientation specialist Vita Industrial. The units will be integrated into Wolffkran’s rental and sales portfolio.

Vita Industrial said it now anticipates a surge in demand and additional orders following this commitment by Wolffkran.

Caleb Carr, CEO of Vita Inclinata Technologies, commented, "Our collaboration with Wolffkran has exceeded our expectations, and we are excited to witness the rapid adoption of Vita Load Navigator technology. Together, we are empowering construction professionals with innovative solutions that will drive industry advancements for years to come."

Duncan Salt, CEO of Wolffkran, said, "The overwhelmingly positive response we've received underscores the transformative potential of our collaboration with Vita Industrial. We are proud to bring the Vita Load Navigator technology to our partners worldwide, enhancing their lifting operations and setting new standards for efficiency and safety."