Weissel took delivery of the crane last winter on a lease agreement, but has recently decided to purchase it, even though have previously only hired Wolffkran cranes.

“This is a first, and we are proud to have sold our first crane to Weissel GmbH,” said Peter Zauner, managing director of Wolffkran Austria.

The Wolff 6015.6 has a metric tonne rating of 140tm, a jib length of 60m and an under hook height of 30m.

Its design provides for easier installation with electric supply and simplified counter jib assembly making it unnecessary to manually turn the crane when installing the jib, eliminating the need for equipment to aid this part of the assembly process, Wolffkran said.

Along with Weissel, contractors Waizenauer and Ing. Schummer are also at work renovating the resident clinic for rheumatic disorders, which will eventually occupy a total area of 18,732m2 and include 173 rooms, an indoor swimming pool, therapy rooms, treatment rooms, administration offices and a kitchen.

The 6015.6 working on the Malcherhof Baden Centre will be re-commissioned in northern Austria when the project is completed in July 2011.